The Catalogue of Agricultural Products in Tochigi

Leek Leek
Tochigi has been a well-known production area of leek since the Edo Era. "Nasuno Hakubijin" is so sweet and tasty that it can be eaten raw in a salad.
Tochigi's leek is soft and delicious. Blanched leek is shipped in June and July, and outdoor-grown leek is shipped from August through December.
Chive Chive
Tochigi is proud to have the top or second production volume of chives in Japan. Being rich in calcium, potassium, and iron, chives are an abundant source of nutrients and even strengthen your stamina. Tochigi's chives, cultivated by taking time and using organic fertilizers, are sweet and flavorful with a profound taste. They are shipped throughout the year.
Eggplant Eggplant
Tochigi eggplant is cultivated on fertile soil. Big and tasty eggplants grow with the abundant sunlight that is available here even in the winter. Tochigi eggplant is fresh and has vivid color, because it is grown in soil that contains abundant compost, and is harvested from early morning every day. A large volume is shipped from July through October.
Cucumber Cucumber
We promote the production of flavorful and tasty cucumbers. In fact, our goal is for people to think of Tochigi when they hear "cucumber." Tochigi's cucumber is very fresh and has highly evaluated quality, thanks to the rich source of water and greenery. Shipment starts from around mid-January.
Garland chrysanthemum Garland chrysanthemum
Tochigi's garland chrysanthemum is famous for its thick leaves and sweetness. It can be eaten safely because little agricultural chemicals are used.
Tomato Tomato
Tochigi's tomato is safe and healthy. A Juicy taste packed with the blessing of nature spreads throughout your mouth with each bite.
In Europe, there is even a saying that a tomato a day keeps the doctor away. (This means that because ripe tomatoes are rich in nutrients, less people become sick and doctors lose business.) Enjoy Tochigi's healthy, ripe, and tasty tomatoes.
Shiitake mushroom Shiitake mushroom
Tochigi is a leading shiitake mushroom production area in Japan. Shipped throughout the year, shiitake mushroom has a wonderful aroma and taste, and also helps to maintain bodily functions.
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Rice Rice
Tochigi is proud to have the second highest distribution volume of Koshihikari (brand name: "Honoka"), following Niigata. With a highly reputed taste, Honoka is widely distributed in the Tokyo metropolitan area, as well as other areas. Also, it is used for rice balls and rice dishes at national chain convenient stores and restaurants. In 2005, a new breed called "Nasuhikari," which is cultivated in the prefecture, started to be marketed. Nasuhikari is highly popular for its large grains, with its substantial texture, and great taste even eaten cold.
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Strawberry Strawberry
Tochigi is the strawberry kingdom, with the top production volume of strawberries in Japan. "Tochiotome," which is vividly red, large, and sweet, is a popular breed that represents Japan.
A delicious way of eating them is to first remove the stem, and eat from the part close to the stem. The tip of a strawberry is the sweetest part, so you can save it for last by starting from the stem side.
Pear Pear
The main breeds are "Kosui" and "Hosui," which are noted for their good taste, added with a new breed called "Nikkori." Tochigi pear is cultivated with pride using high production technology that has been developed by producers over the years.
"Kosui" is shipped mainly in August and September, and "Hosui" in September, followed by "Nikkori" in mid-October through November.
"Nikkori" was bred by crossing the tasty "Hosui" as the father and the bountiful "Niitaka" as the mother. The name "Nikkori" was created by combining "Nikko," which is a world heritage, and "ri," which means "pear" in Chinese. A large one can weigh more than 1 kg; this pear is impressive both in its look and taste. "Nikkori" can stay tasty for about 3 months if it is stored in a cold, dark place.
Grape Grape
Tochigi's grape has excellent taste, and its clusters are like a bundle of gems. Production centers on "Kyohou," which is large in individual piece size and very sweet.
The shipment period, including grapes grown in greenhouses and those grown outdoors, is from early May through October.
You can recognize a tasty grape from its appearance, based on its lively vine, uniform and shiny pieces that are attached firmly together, and white powder (natural wax) called bloom (fruit powder) on the surface.
Generally, grapes are sweeter near the top of a cluster, and the grapes closer to the tip are less sweet. If the tip is sweet, that means the whole cluster is sweet.
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Tochigi Beef Tochigi Wagyu
Tochigi Wagyu is the brand approved as the best Japanese beef raised in Tochigi. Tochigi Wagyu comes from black Japanese cows with a clear lineage, raised carefully with special attention to each individual calf by a designated commercial farmer, in a clean environment. Enjoy its flavor as it melts in your mouth.
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